Azimuth Ship Services (AzSS) are committed to provide you with the smooth and professional services.
Our services include:

  • Husbandry of vessel
  • Port Clearance
  • Crew change arrangement
  • Transportation
  • Arranging of Cargo Condition, Quality and Quantity inspections
  • Sampling and analyses, Surveys of Damaged Goods, Sealing and Un-sealing of holds and containers
  • Draft Surveys, Tally, claims to handle
  • On / Off-hire surveys, Holds Inspections
  • S&P Inspections
  • Underwater inspections by divers or ROV
  • Additional Pilotage / Pilot Boat / Mooring Services / Mooring boats and Berthing / Un-berthing
  • Cargo packaging consulting / Breakbulk cargo inspections
  • On / Off-hire condition surveys